Saturday, February 17, 2018

My new Thankful sign

This is a Spring version of my Thankful, Happy People sign I did last fall ....see here 

I love this saying and it also looks super cute on a little Print and Easel set ...just $15.00 

Friday, February 16, 2018

My 5 favorite Spring things

spring is in the air. mixed media spring sign
New in shop is my "Spring is in the air" sign 🐰
This one goes along with the same idea as my pumpkins in a row, my trees in a row and now my 5 favorite Spring things :) This is 5.5x12” on wood 
                                                                   Original $60 ( only 2)
                                                           Mounted Prints 5.5x12” $25
                                                                                              4x9” $18
                                                                    Print & Easel set $15

The making of a bunny....

So I thought you may like to see a little bit of the process I go through with my mixed media......I wish I had taken more time I will

Step 1-  Sketching out a bunny...and figuring out what sayings I like the most.....

Step 2- basing and creating the under collage of all the book pages, tissue paper and sheet music.....then base coating with the light aqua paint.  I then do a little stamping to create more texture. Then I painted my bunny.

Step 3-  Start adding my details and I adding my saying to bottom

And here she is finished.....

I also made another one with the saying "bunny kisses & Easter wishes"

Thursday, February 15, 2018

My first show of the year is coming up quickly

I will be at the Spring Bling, A Hometown 
Fine Arts and Craft Show in Leesburg, VA on March 3, 2018 
Browse for the finest in home decor, candles, personal care items, fine art, woodcrafts and more. Shop for beautifully handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gifts for Easter, Mother's Day and graduations! Event opens at 9:00am and runs until 4:00pm. 

Admission is free to the public and door prizes are drawn every hour.

Come see me with all my Spring  and bunny signs 

New Spring Signs

new spring signs in shop.....
I love the way the colors and details pop on the black background.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Valentine's Day Sale

All valentine Print & Easel sets are now just $10.00.   Come see all your choices......  Sale

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

More Floral Arrows

truly, madly, deeply, arrow quote sign, heartfelt arrow sign, mixed media heartfelt

A few more arrows with the sweet flowers and the color washed striped heart.....these are 4 x12" on wood    They are available in Originals, Mounted Prints and Print & Easel sets

"always follow your heart"  .....see more

"truly, madly, deeply".   ......see more

Bright Valentine Decor

I just love, love, love how these came out....I wanted the bright reds and pinks to really pop with the black background.  I hope you like them too.  I did just 3 originals...but have them all available as prints and Print & Easel sets.....they look so cute small too :).  Come take a look

Striped Heart  "I love us"    .....see more pictures

Floral Arrow "love is in the air"   ......see more pictures

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A few valentine items

You & Me, Heart sign, Valentine's Day Decor

New in shop is my color washed wood and vintage floral hearts.  If you remember my pumpkins from last year....this is the same technique and I am really happy with how they came out.   You can see the overlay of the florals and the wood texture coming thru.

Fairytale sign, mixed media valentines day

8x8" Striped Heart starting at $15.......see more

5.5 x 9' "Fairytale" starting at $15.00.....see more