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How to make a Printed Pennant Banner

I wanted to share with you how I made this banner.  I did not want to sew the letters or for it to be to time this is what I came up with.....I think it came out pretty cute :)

Materials:           Canvas ( get a drop cloth for hardware store...very cheap)
Glossy Photo Paper
Mod Podge ( I used matte)
Dowel stick cut in half 
gesso (white primer for canvas)

* dimensions and sizes (math ugghh)...if you need this to fit in area then measure that area and divide by how many letters are in your banner (60" divided by 6 letters = 10"  wide banners) I had a 56" display and I had 9 lettters....mine are roughly 6 1/2 inches wide. 

1.  Use your computer to make your pennants.   I used Photoshop and created mine with different digital scrapbooking papers and a cute font.  Make your letters big....mine are 400pt.   Be creative....I added stitches to make mine look a little more realistic......add shadows too.   Print out on photo paper.  Cut them out.

2.  Create a template by holding your cut paper pennant up to your template and give yourself about an inch of space all the way around.  

Place the canvas on a flat surface and fold over.  Place template on fold and cut out.

3.  Lay all the canvas pieces out flat and and paint your fronts with gesso and about an inch onto the back.  just so that the fold area is covered white.  The gesso helps the mod podge stick.

4.  Once the gesso is dry you can begin mod podging the paper pennants to the canvas triangles.   Just line them up and stick them down.   Let dry throughly.

5.  Now you are ready to start putting it together.  Place all your letters in the order you need across the table.  Cut your twine extra extra long.....I doubled mine so I could tie a bow on the dowel sticks.
Open each canvas triangle and place a large amount of mod podge on inside of fold, place twine inside and then cover inside of triangle with mod podge and firmly
and place a large object on to dry.  Repeat with all letters.

6.  Once dry you can drill a small hole in top of dowel stick and string your twine thru and.......

cute sign for my display!

Please let me know if you have any questions